Women $26

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Winner of this package will be able to choose one of the following options:

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Option A: Florida at W
Luxuriate in a beachfront location and inspired amenities at W. Fort Lauderdale hotel, a stunning Fort Lauderdale beach resort. Package includes:
2 round-trip tickets to Florida and a 4-night stay at this 5-star luxurious hotel, while the indefatigable Bubby Friedman competently runs your headquarters back home, providing all necessary services.
Sponsored in zechus of a refuah sheleima for all of the emei yisrael (mothers of Israel)

Option B: Genuine Jewels
Choose from a broad selection of classic and contemporary styles of diamond and gold jewelry at Ram Jewelers. Value $4,000.
Sponsored by Ram Jewelers
Mansour, Lakewood, NJ • 732-363-6808

Option C: Tub Smarts
Your bathroom may not be your main decorating priority, but this elegant tub proves that powder rooms can be just as stylish as the rest of your home.
Sponsored by Anonymous

Option D: Retail Therapy
Indulge in a Women’s Shopping Spree with
$1,000 each at S&W, The Lingerie Shop, Saks Fifth Avenue and at Macy’s. 
* Cannot be mixed and matched.
Sponsored by Allison and Isaac Levy
לע"נ צבאח בת בדיע ע"ה
לע”נ דבורה בת ר’ אברהם ע”ה

Option E: Custom Cut
Custom Sheitel by BK, including cut. Value: $4,200.
Sponsored by Libby’s Wig Salon
845-371-9447 • @libbyswigsalon

Option E: Snag That Bag!
Judith Leiber Couture is a pioneer in the world of luxury bags. Dubbed ‘The Bag Lady of Park Avenue’, her designer bags are famous for being carried around by some of the world’s most noted celebrities. $4,000 Value.
Dedicated by Anonymous