Women $26

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Winner of this package will be able to choose one of the following options:

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Option A: 5-Star Florida
Travel to Florida in style at the luxurious Fontainebleau Miami Beach Hotel.
Prize includes: 2 round-trip tickets to Florida, 4-night stay, $1000 for food, shopping and enjoyment.
Sponsored by Orlando Center for Jewish Developement

Option B: Dazzled!
Choose from a broad selection of classic and contemporary styles of diamond and gold jewelry and cultured pearls at Allegra Fine Jewelry.
Value $4,000.
Sponsored by Allegra Fine Jewelry
Brooklyn: 1548 44th St | 718-853-8253
Lakewood: 732-942-3000

Option C: Neat Freak
Get your home organized with a professional organizer.
Prize includes: A professional organizer at your home for 3 full days, and $2000 to spend at The Container Store.
Sponsored by Anonymous 

Option D: One Stop Shop
The American Dream is a brand-new revolutionary concept. You can spend $3000 on a shopping spree while the rest of your family gets a pass to the theme parks.
Win-win situation!
Sponsored by Allison and Isaac Levy
L’ilui Nishmas Tzavach bas Bediada

Option E: Custom Wig
Value: $4,200
Sponsored by Libby’s Wig Salon
Sponsored by Libby’s Wig Salon
Phone/Whatsapp: 845-371-9447 • @libbyswigsalon

Option F: Best Bedding
Choose new linen for your entire family. Give your bedrooms a facelift with $4,000 at Elegant Linen by Ben Barber.
Sponsored by Elegant Linen
Boro Park: 5719 New Utrecht Ave. | 718-871-3535
Midwood: 1910 Ave. M | 718-972-3535
Lakewood: 6776 Rt. 9 S. Howell | 732-905-9444