Family $72

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Winner of this package will be able to choose one of the following options:

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

OPTION A: Enhance Your Shabbos Table With Silver
Enhance your Shabbos table with a selection of beautiful silver from Grand Sterling. Valued up to $25,000, our prize will help you elevate your Shabbos table and create a special atmosphere for your family and guests.
לזכות הדר בת דפנא לזיווג הגון בקרוב ובניקל

OPTION B: Dining Room Furniture to Impress
Accentuations By Design offers a wide selection of custom dining room furniture to choose from. Spend up to $25,000 on the perfect pieces for your dining space.
This prize is dedicated in honor of Raquel
Accentuations By Design, 1501 60th St, Brooklyn, NY 11219 | 718-972-2300 
Abode, 404 Central Ave, Cedarhurst, NY 11516 | 516-226-8881

OPTION C: Relax! Pesach Has Arrived to Orlando!
Experience a luxurious Pesach vacation in Orlando with a 5-bedroom villa with a private pool and airline tickets for the whole family.
Prize Dedicated
לעילוי נשמות ר’ יוסף בן ר’ יעקב ע”ה, פייגה בת ר’ יעקב ע”ה,
החבר יונה בן החבר שלום ע”ה, רחל בת ר’ אברהם ע”ה,
ר’ שלמה עזרא בן ר’ אליעזר ע”ה, לאה בת ר’ שלמה ע”ה

Switzerland Summer Vacation
Experience the beauty of Switzerland with a trip to St. Moritz. Relax in the lush Alpine setting and enjoy gourmet meals at the Kempinski Grand Hotel. This prize includes 2 airline tickets, food, and accommodations for 10 days.
Dedicated by Anita and Elliot Friedman לע”נ ר’ אלימלך בן ר’ משה ורבקה בת ר’ אליהו ע”ה
and in honor of all our grandchildren

OPTION E: Seminary Tuition Made Easy.
Don’t let finances hold you back from your education goals. Win a lump sum of up to $25,000 to cover your daughter’s seminary tuition expenses.
Dedicated in honor of Marilyn and Jack Chehebar

OPTION F: Total Protection in Disaster
Stay safe in any disaster with the 8’x8’ BombNado shelter. It offers optimum security and features an NBC Air Filtration System to protect against nuclear, biological, and chemical threats.
Dedicated in honor of my wife Stacey, an amazing and loving wife and mother I pray that the couples helped by ATIME have healthy children and may the mothers be half as good a mother as Stacey is to our children.
—Daniel Chrem, Brooklyn NY