Family $54

Winner of this package will be able to choose one of the following options:

Option A: Pesach Plans
Pesach At The Hilton El Conquistador Tucson, Arizona
A whole new level of sophisticated elegance in a spectacular natural setting, for a family Pesach experience that only KMR can provide. Includes Glatt Kosher, Strict Shechita Standards, Shmura Matzah, Cholov Yisroel, Non-Gebrokts, Reliable, experienced and hand-picked Mashgichim
Sponsored by KMR Tours • 888-567-0100 •

Option B: Dine by Design
Elegant Dining Room Furniture of your choice at Accentuations By Design. Spend up to $16,500
Sponsored by:
Accentuations By Design, 1501 60th St, Brooklyn, NY 11219,

Abode, 404 Central Ave, Cedarhurst, NY 11516, 516-226-8881

Option C: Chafetz Chaim Says
Original letter from the Chafetz Chaim with the handwritten signature of the Chafetz Chaim.
Picture for illustration purposes only
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gurtman

Option D: Splendid Swim
In-ground swimming pool including installation. 
Sponsored by Dovid & Sarala Lefkowitz, Baltimore, MD
In honor of Rabbi and Mrs. Shaul Rosen,
we treasure your friendship

Option E: Million Miles
1,000,000 United Airlines Miles. Just pack and go…anywhere in the world!
Sponsored by Kiwi Brokerage
For all your travel and mileage needs.

Option F: Swiss Bliss
Kosher Summer Vacation in St. Moritz, Switzerland
Relax in the lush Alpine settings and unspoiled nature in St. Moritz, aptly named the Top of the World. Enjoy gourmet menus specially designed and prepared by our award-winning team of chefs from Arieh Wagner London and Kempinski Grand Hotel des Bains. Prize includes 2 airline tickets, food and kosher hotel accommodations for 10 days.
Sponsored by Destiny Travel