Family $36

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Winner of this package will be able to choose one of the following options:

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Option A: Styled Sub-Zero
Sub-Zero pioneered the concept of built-in refrigeration, blending its iconic refrigerators into the world’s most beautiful kitchen designs. Choose between the classic stainless steel look or a panel-ready model. Either way, you’ll enjoy food preservation second-to-none. Sub-Zero is now more functional and stylish than ever with brighter LED lighting.
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Mayefsky
לרפואת שרה בת פרומט רחל
ולזכות יונה איתן ישראל בן מינדל שינדל לזיווג הגון

Option B: Street Heat
Turn up the heat beneath the sidewalk in front of your home. Never lift a snow-shovel again! The snow melts as it touches the ground.
Sponsored by Mr. Pesach Melmed
לע"נ הר' מנחם מענדל בן הרב משה יחיאל ע"ה פריעדמאן

Option C: Silver Collection
Silver sensations around the year: Package includes Rosh Hashanah Honey Dish, Sukkos Esrog Box, Pesach Kos Shel Eliyahu, and Shavuos Flower Vase.
Sponsored by Grand Sterling
Boro Park: 4921 13th Ave. 718-854-0623
Flatbush: 1207 Ave J. 718-758-3888

Option D: Bingo Budget
With prices so low and a budget so large, you will be able to fill your grocery carts to the brim, week after week. Extra bonus: Free parking!
$500 per Month for 1 Year
Sponsored by Akiva and Lea Homnick
with gratitude to Hashem Yisborach

Option E: Stay in L.A.
Luxury Mansion located near all Hollywood attractions. Minyanim and kosher restaurants conveniently located nearby. The mansion is equipped with a private pool and fire pit. Prize includes 2 Airline Tickets and a one-week stay.
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Miller
לע"נ ר' פנחס בן ר' פסח דוד ע"ה
ולע"נ ר' אברהם בן ר' משה ע"ה
ולע"נ חנה בת ר' ברוך יהודה ע"ה

Option F: No Kidding!
Complete Kids’ Room Makeover, including: Furniture, Bedding, and Decor with $7500 at Pottery Barn.
Sponsored לע"נ מרים שרה בת ר' יעקב משה ע"ה