Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Winner of this package will be able to choose one of the following options:

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

OPTION A: Teen Shopping Spree
It’s the sale you’ve been waiting for! Shop designer labels with $1,000 at Bloomingdales + comfy loungewear with $1,000 at The Lingerie Shop + stunning jewelry with $2,000 at Allegra Fine Jewelry.
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Larry Halpern
לזכות ברכה י-הודית בת מאירה ודניא’ ארי’ בן מאירה לזיווג הגון

OPTION B: Master the Art of Hypnosis
Fascinated by the magic of hypnosis? Learn how to activate core thoughts and emotions, and enhance your powers of persuasion with guided lessons by an expert in the field.
Prize sponsored by an anonymous donor from Toms River NJ

OPTION C: Rare Gold-Enhanced Collector’s Coin
Own a limited edition American Bald Eagle One Kilo Silver Coin. This gold-enhanced $25 coin is made of one kilo of .999 silver and measures 7 ¼” in diameter. Only 199 coins minted worldwide!
Prize sponsored by Zevi and Blimy Stern

OPTION D: Kumzitz with Dovy Meisels
Create a spirited and uplifting ambience for your party with a free Leil Shishi Kumzitz by Dovy Meisels.
Winner gets food, drinks and a sound system included.
Prize dedicated לזכות all those who are still waiting for a ישועה

OPTION E: Mother-Daughter Journey to Mama Rachel
Mark the yahrtzeit of Rachel Imeinu with a magical mother-daughter trip to Kever Rachel and tap into the unique power of Mama Rachel’s Tefillos.
Includes 2 airline tickets and 4-night hotel stay.
Prize Dedicated לע“נ ר‘ שלמה בן הרב יהודה אריה ע“ה

OPTION F: Chol Hamoed Family Trip to Disney
Take your family to Disney World for two fun-filled days of adventure! Get round-trip flights, 2-day theme park tickets and a 1-night hotel stay at Disney’s Pop Century resort for a family of six.
Dedicated by Devorah & Emmanuel Rosner and family