Family $100

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Winner of this package will be able to choose one of the following options:

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

OPTION A: Luxury Residence in Mystical Tzfas 
Win a $35,000 down-payment toward your Tzfat Estates luxury residence in the Old City of Tzfas. Overlooking the breathtaking Meron mountains and Kever Rashbi, enjoy modern living steeped in history.
Sponsored by Aviva and Scott Miller
In honor of Brany Rosen for her selfless and tireless dedication

OPTION B: Secure $100K Investment
Lay a golden nest egg with a secure savings plan to be valued at $100,000 in 15 years. No need to worry about weddings or retirement. Take on the future with confidence.
נתנדב לזכות זרע של קיימא בקרוב ובניקל

OPTION C: Drive into the Future
Get a 2-year lease on the new Rivian R1S fast-charging electric SUV. With all-terrain driving, serious cargo space and seating for seven, you can leave Tesla behind in the dust.
Dedicated by Three Pillar Communities

OPTION D: Priceless Sefer Torah
Celebrate the joy of Torah with this prize of infinite value. Win a Sefer Torah written by an expert Sofer Yirei Shamayim from Eretz Yisrael and bequeath your Torah legacy for generations.
This prize is dedicated to all the women at ATIME who give chizuk and kindness to the couples going through a difficult time.

OPTION E: Experience Sukkos in Yerushalayim
Bring your entire family to the heart of Yerushalayim for a Yom Tov that uplifts and inspires. Get 8 tickets to Eretz Yisrael and a beautiful apartment with a Sukkah in Geulah.
Dedicated by Dr and Mrs Michael Muschel
לע"נ הרב נחום בן הרב מאיר ע“ה ושרה בת ר‘ יחיאל מיכאל ע“ה
והרב ישראל יצחק בן הרב בנימין הלוי ע“ה ושרה פעסיל בת ר‘ אריה לייב ע“ה

OPTION F: Epic All-Expenses-Paid Wedding
Celebrate your simcha in style without worrying about the budget. Book your hall, photographer, music and singer—on us! Plus get dazzling chassan/kallah gifts, furniture, linens and housewares.
Prize Dedicated
לע"נ יוטא בת ר’ זלמן מרדכי ע"ה ולע"נ חי‘ לאה בת ר‘ אהרן הכהן ע“ה
ולע“נ מאשא בת ר’ שאול חבל ע“ה ולע“נ רבקה בת ר’ אברהם ע“ה/p>