Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Winner of this package will be able to choose one of the following options:

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Option A: Florida Fling
Spend your Florida vacation at the luxurious Fountainebleau Miami Beach Hotel.
Prize includes: 2 round-trip tickets, 4-night stay, $1000 for expenses. 
Dedicated by Lynn and Joel Mael
לזכות רפואה שלמה לחיים יהושע בן הענדיל

Option B: Closet Challenge
Transform your home with dream closets! Closet Maven will design and build the perfect closet systems up to $4,000.
Prize Dedicated לע"נ ברכה בת ר' שרגא ע"ה

Option C: Allegra Allure
Jewelry of your choice from Allegra Fine Jewelry’s selection of classic and contemporary Jewels.
Value: $4,000
Sponsored by Allegra Fine Jewelry
Brooklyn: 1548 44th St, 718-853-8253
Lakewood: 732-942-3000

Option D: Shop Local
Fill your closets while supporting local shop-owners.
Spend $3,800 at heimishe clothing stores in your city.
This prize is sponsored L'zchus all the couples yearning for a child

Option E: BK Charm
Custom Sheitel by BK Wigs, including cut.
Value: $4,200
Sponsored by Libby’s Wig Salon
Phone/Whatsapp: 845-371-9447 • @libbyswigsalon

Option F: Mega Massage
Zero Gravity Full-Body Massage Chair. Enjoy the benefits of massage in the comfort of your home.
Sponsored by Chesky and Naomi Newman
לע"נ ר' עקיבא מנחם בן ר' אברהם ע"ה