Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Winner of this package will be able to choose one of the following options:

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Option A: Virtual Profits
Start your own e-commerce business. Prize includes designed Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram stores, with up to 100 products added.
Sponsored by Mr and Mrs Efraim Kadin
לע”נ ר’ דוב בער יוסף בן ר’ צבי הירש
ולרפואת יעקב בן חנה אהובה

Option B: Take Toyota!
2-year lease of a Toyota Sienna 2021, the most reliable and best-rated minivan.
Sponsored by Eli Berger 

Option C: Shas Yid
Finish Shas in one year and receive $15,000!
Alternately, receive $5 per daf learned in the span of a year.
Prize Dedicated
לע"נ נעכא בילא בת הרב אשר זעליג


Option D: Meron Experience
Travel to Meron in comfort. Prize includes: 2 business-class tickets to Eretz Yisroel from any location in US, Canada, or Europe.
Prize Dedicated
לעילוי נשמות ר' יוסף בן ר' יעקב, פייגה בת ר' יעקב,
ר' יונה בן ר' שלום, רחל בת ר' אברהם,
ר' שלמה עזרא בן ר' אליעזר, לאה בת ר' שלמה

Option E: Sukkah in a Snap
Sukkah awning and 32 feet of roll-down sukkah walls, including installation.

Prize Dedicated
לזכות רפואה שלימה חנה אסתר בת אילה הדר

Option F: Kingly Kaarah
Choose your dream Kaarah from the distinguished collection at Grand Sterling ($8,200).
Sponsored by Grand Sterling
Boro Park: 4921 13th Ave. | 718-854-0623
Flatbush: 1207 Ave J. | 718-758-3888