Winner of this package will be able to choose one of the following options:

Option A: Gold Rush
Prize includes: Gold Panning Kit—just scoop in dirt, pour in water, and let gravity do all the work to find gold! 5 gallon bucket of paydirt—At least two ounces of gold guaranteed!
Sponsored Mr. & Mrs. Arik Hirschfeld  
לעילוי נשמת ר‘ יוסף בן ר‘ אברהם הלוי ע“ה

Option B: Classic Time
Men’s Watch. Choose from an array of luxurious brand-name watches. Sponsored by UltimaTime.
Sponsored by UltimateTime
4602 16th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11204

Option C: Laser Vision
Laser eye-surgery will help you see 20/20 or better. Say goodbye to eyeglasses forever.
Sponsored by Marilyn and David Cutler 
לעילוי נשמת לאה בת ר‘ יוסף ע“ה
והרב יוסף שלום בן הרב יעקב ע“ה

Option D: Kerestir Beckons
Spend Shabbos with Reb Shayala.
Prize includes 2 Airline tickets and accommodations for Shabbos. Food included.
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Avi Geller 
לעילוי נשמת ר’ מיכאל צבי בן ר’ לב ע”ה

Option E: Incredible Kos
Choose a grand Kos Shel Eliyahu from the distinguished collection at Grand Sterling. $4,200 Value.
Sponsored by Grand Sterling
Boro Park: 4921 13th Ave. • 718-854-0623
Flatbush: 1207 Ave J. • 718-758-3888

Option F: Cigar Connoisseur
A cigar humidor is key to keeping your cigars fresh.
Prize Includes: Cigar Humidor and 1,000 Assorted Brand Name Cigars.
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Shaya Gitelis
לעילוי נשמת ר’ יוסף שמואל בן ר’ אלימלך ישראל ז”ל
פיגא צפורה בת ר’ שלמה מענדל הלוי ע”ה | ר’ ירוחם פישל בן ר’ ישעי’ ז”ל
פיגא איידעל בת ר’ דוד ע”ה | ר’ קלמן שמואל בן ר’ אברהם ז”ל