Kids $10

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Winner of this package will be able to choose one of the following options:

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Option A: Airborne!
3-hour private Hot Air Balloon Ride to enhance your party or family reunion. A guaranteed thriller for kids and adults.
Prize sponsored by Joey Arakanchi in honor of my wife Michelle

Option B: Gone Fishing
124 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium & Stand Ensemble. Prize includes a choice of 15 fish at PetSmart Pet Supplies.
Prize Sponsored by Robin Gutman, owner and clinician of Monarch Counseling Group, LLC

Option C: Junior Talent
Membership to Masmidei Talent. Receive a weekly crafts kit to build beautiful 3D Sukkah decorations, based on Torah knowledge.
Prize Dedicated לע”נ רבקה בת אברהם ע”ה

Option D: Doll Deluxe
Package includes: Rebecca Doll, Book & Accessories, Bed & Bedding, Winter Coat, Summer Outfit, Chanukah Set, School Set, Bedtime Set.
Prize Sponsored by Albert and Rachel Pardo In loving memory of Marilyn Falack

Option E: Flag It!
Six Flags Adventure! Experience the thrill of the Kingadoloo, the tallest roller-coaster in North America. Prize includes 10 unlimited full-day passes to Six Flags.
Sponsored by Yitzchok Arye Hollander
לע”נ ר’ ברוך בן ר’ אברהם עביר ע”ה, רויזא בת ר’ מאיר זאב וסימא בת ר’ שמעון חנני’ ע”ה

Option F: Yes, Surrey!
Exercise as a family with this 4 Seater 4 Wheel Surrey Bike. With two steering wheels and four seats accommodating up to four adults, this will become a family favorite.
לע”נ ר’ זליק בן ר’ ארי’ לייב ע”ה ומינדל בת ר’ שמעון ע”ה