Family $36

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Winner of this package will be able to choose one of the following options:

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Option A: Alaska Ahoy!
Tour Alaska with Kosherica, from the rain forests of Ketchikan to exotic whale watching excursions! Prize includes 2 airline and cruise tickets, all star Kosherica Cuisine and accommodations for 7 days.
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Shaya Gitelis
לעילוי נשמת ר' יוסף שמואל בן ר' אלימלך ישראל ז"ל
ר' ירוחם פישל בן ר' ישעי' ז"ל
פיגא צפורה בת ר' שלמה מענדל הלוי ע"ה
ר' קלמן שמואל בן ר' אברהם ז"ל
פיגא איידעל בת ר' דוד ע"ה

Option B: Master Makeover
Beautiful master bedroom furniture of your choice, up to $8,100.
Sponsored by Loeffler’s Furniture
5127 New Utrecht Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219 | 718-436-8989

Option C: Glamour Collection
Silver sensations around the year. Package includes Rosh Hashana Honey Dish, Sukkos Esrog Box, Pesach Kos Shel Eliyahu, and Shavuos Flower Vase.
Sponsored by Grand Sterling
Boro Park: 4921 13th Ave. | 718-854-0623
Flatbush: 1207 Ave J. | 718-758-3888

Option D: Premier Piano
Magnificent Grand Piano. Value $8,100
Sponsored by Dovid and Sarala Lefkowitz, Baltimore, MD
In honor of Rabbi and Mrs. Shaul Rosen,
we treasure your friendship

Option E: Family Time
Prize includes mansion for a weekend with 30 beds, complete food package for Shabbos, indoor pool and much more.
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Brian Gurtman

Option F: Freilach Tempo
Enhance your simcha with the famous Freilach Band. The Freilach Band comes recommended as THE premiere wedding band. Prize includes a ten man band.
Sponsored by Freilach Band | 212-234-2779