Family $26

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Winner of this package will be able to choose one of the following options:

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Option A: Artistic Memories
All Art Direct’s talented artists will transform your special photo into a custom painting, which will be professionally framed.
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Chaim Miller
לעילוי נשמת ר‘ פינחס בן ר‘ פסח דוד ע"ה
ור‘ אברהם בן ר‘ משה ע"ה וחנה בת ר‘ ברוך יהודה ע"ה

Option B: Secure Surveillance
Home Security Cameras. Prize includes an eight camera security system with installation.
Sponsored by BIRNS Telecommunicatins
212-352-7007 |

Option C: Wondrous Workout
The exercise method of the future! Icaros VR combines virtual reality video gaming technology with a total body workout.
Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Avi Geller
לעילוי נשמת ר‘ מיכאל צבי בן ר‘ לב ע"ה

Option D: Presidential Party
You can be a VIP guest at the White House Chanukah Party, hosted by the U.S. President and First Lady.
לעילוי נשמת ר‘ גבריאל בן ר‘ פינחס ע“ה

Option E: GE Equipped
GE Profile Stainless Steel Kitchen Appliances Package includes: French Door Refrigerator, Gas Range and Over the Range Microwave.
Sponsored by Plug-ins Appliances
4103 13th Avenue | 718-853-6061

Option F: Luxury Shabbaton
Shabbos at the Arlington Hotel in New Hampshire. Prize includes Shabbos accommodations for your entire family.
Sponsored by Rabbi and Mrs. Dovid Deitsch
לעילוי נשמת הרב יוסף יעקב לייב בן ר‘ שלמה ע"ה