Drawing for this prize has already taken place

Winner of this package will be able to choose one of the following options:

Drawing for this prize has already taken place

OPTION A: Radiant Silver Menorah
Grace your neiros Chanukah with a brilliant new sterling silver Menorah valued up to $16,000. Choose your treasure from the legendary selection at Heritage Silver.
Sponsored by Drs. Joseph and Sharon Safdieh
לע"נ לאה בת וירג‘יני ומשה בן שרה ויוסף בן שרה ויפה בת שרה ע"ה

OPTION B: Iconic Rolex Men’s Watch
Use every moment to the max with the rich and timeless Men’s Rolex Datejust 41 mm, valued at $16,000. Full set and warranty included.
Prize sponsored by Speedy Expediting

OPTION C: Travel the World with Unlimited Flights
Frequent flier? Get one year of unrestricted global travel. That’s a full year of free unlimited worldwide airline tickets for one person.
Three weeks’ booking notice required.
Sponsored by Chesky and Naomi Newman
לע"נ ר‘ עקיבא מנחם בן ר‘ אברהם ע“ה

OPTION D: Become a Paramedic
Learn to save lives as a certified Paramedic (the most advanced level of EMT) and become skilled in emergency medical response. Earn certification after completing a paid-in-full paramedic course.
Sponsored by Statcare

OPTION E: Family SUV: Honda Pilot 2024
Get a 2-year lease on the Honda Pilot 2024. This 8-passenger family-friendly vehicle has solid acceleration and handling, vast cargo space, and top safety ratings.
Prize sponsored by an anonymous donor from Far Rockaway, NY

OPTION F: Taste the Purim Gvir Experience
Sit on the Gvir’s throne this Purim. With 180 OJC vouchers, you’ll be able to give generously to anyone who enters your kingdom.
Prize includes 36 vouchers each of $180, $100, $72, $36 and $18.
Prize Dedicated לזכות הדר בת דפנא לזיווג הגון בקרוב ובניקל